Advertise on one of the largest airshow website in Europe. The, Airshow Portal established in 2007, and during this 10 year, the website became one of the most reliable source for airshow fans and visitors.

Advertising Offer for 2019-2020 on Airshowinfo

Advertise your company, services or products on our surfaces. is one of the most dynamically growing website in the topic. Our Internationalan page have visitors from more than 120 countries Worldwide.

We are offering several possibilities from the general advertising to the special partnerships especially for providers. About that, you can find detailed information on our partnership page.

In Numbers

Year 2017 188,451users
Year 2016 114,340users
Year 2015 62,790users

As it was mentoined above, Airshowinfo is a dynamically growing website in topic of aviation and airshow events. In 2017, Airshowinfo had almost 40% of growing in unique visitors, after the succesful year in 2016, when the number of unique visitors are almost have doubled.

Before the season of 2016, the website has fully renewed and get more and more content than in 2015.

Airshowinfo has growth year-by-year since its created. During the 2018, the website got a brand new style and system what is ensures  countless possiblities of further development.

From all over the World..

One of the strength of Airshowinfo, that is fully international and a great place for companies with international business. Airshowinfo can serve the needs for companies with  local advertisments. Because if we are talking about an international airshow event, for example Radom Airshow in Poland, on that information page, the proportion of the visitors from Poland have higher ratio.

During the upcoming season we will have event pages from more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Denmark, Belgium or Germany in Europe but also from the United States of America, Canada.

At the moment Airshowinfo is having an International and a separated local site in Hungarian language.

Therefore the visitor stats by country were as follows as last year:

(source: Google Analytics)

Advertising Opportunities and Forms

We are offering several kind of advertising possibilities on, with different kind of banners.


Header ads in two different sizes, can be placed on:

  • News Portal (main and all news opened)
  • Short News (main and all news opened)
  • On Seperated Pages
    • Airshow Data Pages
    • Home Page
    • Interviews Pages

Clickable Background

Biggest ad-area, as the background of the following pages:

  • News Portal (home and/or global on all news opened)
  • Short News (home and/or global on all news opened)
  • On Seperated Pages
    • Home Page Only
    • Global on All Pages

In-Content - Tower AD

Advertising spaces especially on content pages. Width is fixed, height can be changed. Can be shown content pages like:

  • Opened News, Short News
  • Airshow Event Pages
  • Interviews

Additional features:

  • Paste as Parallax image
  • Paste as video

Pop Up Ads

Pop Up ads can be placed on any selected page on Airshowinfo. Their size can be 1024×768.

All of the pop-up ads are including a close button on top.

PR Articles

Ask our PR article option with different kind of possibilities. We are able to publish articles on four kind of platforms at the moment, whats are:

  • News Portal in English
  • News Portal in Hungarian
  • Short News Feed in English
  • Short News Feed in Hungarian

The published articles would be showed as featured or regular form with different prices, which may include social site promotion with 25-30k of guaranteed additional reach.

News Portal Categories to be posted:

  • Airshow News (Europe, Asia, Australia, America)
  • Aviation, aircraft related Event news
  • Civil Aviation News
  • Military Aviation News
  • Event reviews (with rating) or previews
  • Aviation Museums
  • Spotter Articles, Spotter Equipment


on airshowinfo

Please contact us, and our team will contact with you within one working day regarding the details.







Airshowinfo can offer the following PR Article Packages:

Regular News Portal Article: 280 €

Regular Short News Article: 260 €

Featured News Portal Article: 440 €

Featured Short News Article: 400 €

Additional and optional itam: Facebook Boost: 200€ / article – results: 2-300k of estimated people reach

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