Airshowinfo is going to America: We are looking for a new colleague!

The airshowinfo team is looking for a new member from North-America, in short here is what you have to do if you whish to join us: collect data and info about airshows, aerobatic teams and aviations news from the United States of America and Canada.

We would like to recruit, cause our interest is to share news and informations with our followers in North America and of course with people who are interested to visit events in the USA and Canada. Our resources are limited to write about the American events and to collect the appropriate informations along with the European events.

If you wish to join here is a little summarization:

Tasks of the new Airshowinfo member:

– Writing news about airshows and aviation events / display teams / aviation news from the USA and Canada.

– Handle some event info-pages and upload informations into these pages.

– Post to our social sites, creating events.

– Help us to establish our spotter society in America with your lead.

What do we offer to our Members?

– Participate airshows in your area, as press, represented by Airshowinfo Media
– Possibility to organise different visits as a media.
– Share from the Noth American Market advertisment incomes

If you are interested to work with us and to help us to develop further, please send us:

  • briefly about you (in a few sentences)
  • why would you like to join us?
  • how long have you been interested in aviation and airshows?
  • are you a spotter?
  • do you have any knowledge in WordPress CMS and blog sytem? (not a condition!)

to the following e-mail address: