According to the Air Force, the Army and the Navy of Germany is preparing to send aircrafts and helicopters in huge number to this year’s edition of AirPower.

2x Eurofighter Typhoon from TLG 31, 74
1x PA-200 Tornado IDS from TLG 33
1x Airbus A400M from LTG 62
1x P-3C and 1x Dornier Do228 from MFG 3
1x Sea Lynx Mk88A and 1x EC-135 from MFG 5
2x NHIndustries NH-90 from THRgt 30

All the listed participants are waiting for Final Confirmation by the German Ministry of Defence and the organisers of AirPower Zeltweg – until the confirmations, all listed aircraft’s participation are planned!


Check AirPower info page at: AIRPOWER