Norwegian F-35s to debut at Rygge Air Show 2020

Royal Norwegian Air Force ordered at total 52 F-35 Lightning II aircrafts in 2008, and the first Norwegian F-35s arrived in-country for permanent basing at Ørland Air Base in November 2017. After the Bodø Airshow in 2012, the Air Force is organising a great international airshow again in 2020 at Rygge Air Base in south-eastern Norway on 6th of June 2020.

The biggest specialty of the event will certainly be the debut of the fifth generation – the F-35A Lightnings of Royal Norwegian Air Force. The Air Force published that the F-35 pilots are preparing with spectacular flight demonstrations with the F-35s, and the audience will be able to check them on ground and to test themself as a pilot in an F-35 simulator.