35th anniversary of the NATO AWACS

The E-3A Component at the Geilenkirchen air base will have an Open Day for celebrating the 35th anniversary of the NATO Component. Spotterday is the 30th of June, Open House is July the 1th and 2nd. Foreign participants are expected.

UPDATE 2017.03.02

What we have found on the scramble forum:

Message from “Vanlion” on behalf of the base commander of GKN in the Germany-thread cross-posted here for additional exposure:

Dear Aviation enthusiast,

This year the NATO E-3 Component will celebrate its 35th anniversary with a cultural festival. During that festival there will also be a static display of aircraft, including a mini Tigermeet fly-in. The cultural festival is limited open to the public. In order to give spotters and aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to take pictures of the fly-in of the participating aircraft, a spottersday will be held on the 30th of June 2017.
We tried to follow a similar concept as in 2012, but that was virtually impossible. A lot of changes occurred the last 5 years. Security wise, but also personnel wise. During the last reorganisation the Component downsized by 600 people. So in order to make this event work, we would be heavily relaying on your cooperation. We need you to organise in groups (no official groups as far as we are concerned) in order to take away the burden of registration and payment.

We will NOT take individual subscriptions.

By the end of March we will inform you on the registration process.
We will be offering two options. A basic option, which will cost 30Euro (250 spots), and a so called VIP option, which will cost 75Euro (200 spots). Exact content of each option will be announced when we inform you on the registration process.

Since it is not possible for us to invite all the groups individually, we encourage individuals to cross-post this message via forums/Facebookpages as much as possible.

On behalf of the Base Commander,
Organizing committee for the Spottersday.