747 Supertanker Is Enroute To Combat Amazon Fires

The Bolivian president, Evo Morales announced today that the Global SuperTanker Services will take part to combat forest fires in the Amazon that have spilled over from Brazil. It has been confirmed that the tanker will be operational on Friday. According to Flightradar24, the aircraft is already enroute to Santa Cruz.

The Supertanker is able to carry 115 000 litres of water, more than any other aircraft in the world. Prior to its arrival, Bolivian military aircrafts will fly over the area to assess where the tanker should focus.

The “Supertanker” is already enroute to Santa Cruz

Fires in the Amazon forest are so intense that smoke has covered cities even thousands of kilometres away. The fires are reported to be so large that they can even be seen from space by the Copernicus satellites.

The recent fires in the Amazon started in Brazil, but the exact causes are unclear – organizations in the Amazon blame loggers and landed elites allied to President Bolsonaro, for deliberately starting fires to clear the land for cattle ranching. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro has came out blaming non-governmental organisations for starting the blazes.

Already almost half a million hectares of Bolivia’s rainforest have been devastated, largely affecting the historic Chiquitania area.