AirVG2018 – Aircraft Day in Velika Gorica

The town of Velika Gorica as an organizer and the Croatian Air Force as a co-organizer, along with the Velika Gorica Air Force Technical Center, will prepare an interesting aviation day in Velika Gorica on the 19th of May, 2018 – an event titled “AIRVG2018”.

Visitors are expected to see dynamic and exhibition program of aviation theme in cooperation with Croatian Air Force, Ministry of Interior, Croatian aeroclubs and business entities. The specialty of this event is that the Aeronautical-Technical Center Velika Gorica opens the doors of its hangar for the citizens who will be able to get a little insight of the world of aircraft maintenance. The flight program include the Akro group “Wings of Storm” and other planes of the Croatian Air Force, the Special Police unit of the Croatian MUP, were announced as well. The organisers announced suprise programs as well.