Austria will phase out the Typhoon from 2020

It is official that the Austrian Government is searching fro a new fighter jet for the Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte.

The Eurofighters are coming to an end: Defense Minister Hanspeter Doskozil (SPÖ) wants to get out of the controversial fighter jet and to purchase new aircraft instead. In the future there will be only one type, instead of two types, the airspace monitoring is to become militarily more effective and cost-effective, said Friday at a press conference.

The Special Commission has now presented its report, recommending a switch to a “pilot system”. In the future there will be a fleet of 15 single-seater and three double-seater supersonic aircraft….This means that the currently 15 Eurofighter Typhoon of the Tranche 1 is to be gradually replaced from 2020. Which model will be, is still not fixed. The changeover could be completed within three years.