Belgian A-109 Display Team Schedule 2019

Helicopter solo display team of the Belgian Air Component flying with the Agusta A-109BA will have a short season in 2019. The team will fly on national events in Belgium almost the entire season, only visit one event in the neighboring Netherlands.

A109 Display Team Schedule:

Events in Belgium:
– 10/04/2019 Beauvechain Air Base Day
– 22-23/06/2019 Aviation Days Florennes/Cerfontaine
– 21/07/2019 Beauvechain Family Day
– 28/08/2019 Koksijde Air Base Open door
– 13-15/09/2019 Sanicole Airshow
– 04-06/10/2019 Ursel Avia

International Event:
– 9-10/06/2019 Oostwold Airshow (NLD)


Source: A109 Dislpay Team Official Facebook Page