Belgian Air Force A109 Display Team, 2018 calendar

The Belgian Air Force A109 Display Team already started their 2018 season, but this week, they published their planed participation list for the rest of the year. The team will perform in the UK, Belgium, France and Slovakia in the year 2018:

Royal Air Force 100th Anniversary Airshow – Cosford, UK
Meeting Aerien gamstat ealat – Valence, France
Ursel Avia 2018 – Ursel, Belgium
Royal Interantional Air Tattoo – Fairford, UK
Knokke Seaside Airshow – Knokke
Airbourne – Eastbourne, UK
APCK Fly-In – Oostmalle, Belgium
Meeting Aérien – Saint-Quentin, France
SIAF 2018 – Slovakia
BAF Days – Kleine-Brogel, Belgium
Flying Festival Brasschaat – Brasschaat, Belgium