Canadian Forces CF-18 Demo Team Unveils Special Livery For 2019

The Canadian Forces CF-18 Demo Team presented their special paint for the upcoming airshow season through their facebook page.

The tail artwork was designed by RCAF Reservist Captain Jeff Chester, it features a dark blue background with stylized orbits. The golden starts represent the Canadian innovators in the past, present and future. The maple leaf in the background – as the emblematic symbol of the county – symbolise the 95 years of RCAF service to Canada, and the promise that they will carry on the torch of innovation into the future. The large gold orbits represent the journey that led not only to a modern RCAF but the key cultural and technological innovations that led the RCAF to the stars, as their motto say: Sic Itur Ad Astra (Latin for “such is the pathway to the stars”).

The CF-18 Demo Team also celebrates the 70th anniversary of NATO with design elements on the lex fence and side panel, and highlight the RCAF’s operiational role within NATO, a cornerstone of Canada’s international security policy.

Check where the Canadian Forces CF-18 Demo Team will take to the skies HERE.

Video of the design:

Video of the painting process: