CIAV 2018 at Varazdin

The city of Varazdin in 2017 did not had an international airshow, but the local aeroclub organised an aeropicnic between the 25th-27th of august. A few days before that, the official facebook page of the CIAV confirmed they are planning with the help of the Croatian Armed Forces an airshow in the year 2018:

Rough translation of the second half of the message:

– Our attractive events, such as the upcoming airliner or international airshow, to be held in July next year, we would not be able to organize without the help of the Ministry of Defense. Therefore, a visit to the High Representative of the Croatian Armed Forces led by General Jakop will be an opportunity to thank the Ministry of Defense for assisting in the organization of our aviation events, as well as to announce the cooperation with CIAV in 2018, whose co-organizer will be the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia – emphasized Branko Komar, president of Aeroklub Varaždin.

Varazdin Airshow will bo organised on the 21th and 22nd of July, 2018. Check our gallery from CIAV 2016 HERE and 2015 HERE: