Danish Airshow 2018

The official page confirmed the date and location of the next airshow in Danemark:

Søndag d. 10. juni 2018 hos Air Transport Wing Aalborg

Tidspunkt: kl. 10-16 (Portene åbnes for parkering fra kl. 8)

Adresse: Thisted Landevej 53, 9430 Vadum

Sunday, June 10, 2018 at Air Transport Wing Aalborg

Time: at. 10-16 (Ports open for parking from 8 AM)

Address: Thisted Landevej 53, 9430 Vadum

The first participants according to the show’s official facebook page:

As the first after the New Year, we welcome the Lithuanian Air Force that sends no less than 3 aircraft to the Danish Air Show 2018

In 2018, the company of the F-18 Hornet Solo Display will undoubtedly display one of the most intensive viewing programs.