Finnish Air Force Open Houses in 2017

The Finnish Air Force will start the airshow season in Finnland with an Open House known as Air Commands open house days.  The aim is to open the Air Force to the public, mostly children, showing them the life of the Air Force.

The Open House of the Finnish Air Force will start at Rovaniemi, home of the No. 11 Squadron (Finland) flying the F-18C/D.

Date: Friday 12/05/2017

The program includes, among other things, the Hornet solo display, Midnight Hawks, as well as other flights, shows and equipment. For more information and a more detailed schedule will be published closer to the event.

Open House at Tampere/Pirkkala home of the Supporting Air Operations Squadron (TukiLLv).

Date: Tuesday 16/05/2017

During the day,  Air Force and the Satakunta Air Command will be presented both on the ground oand in the air. The exhibition also includes ground military program and various types from the Air Force. For example: Hornet, Pilatus, and the Air Force aerobatics group Midnight Hawks.

Open House at Kuopio/Rissala home of the No. 31 Squadron (Finland) flying the F-18C/D

Date: Wednesday 17/05/2017

The event presents a wide range of equipment associated with the Air Command and of course the squadron. During the event the Hornet solo display will be in the air, but also the Air Force’s aerobatics group Midnight Hawks.

Open House at Jyväskylä/Tikkakoski home of the Air Force Academy.

Date: Thursday 18/05/2017

Air Force Academy organizes a traditional military aviation event in Tikkakoski. In addition to flight demos (Hornet and the Midnight Hawks), it is possible to explore other Air Force vehicles plus the Army transport helicopters.

Info and montage source: Ilmavoimat – Flygvapnet – Finnish Air Force facebook

Entry to the bases are free