Flotilla de Aeronaves – 100th years anniversary in september

The Spanish Naval Air Arm constitutes the naval aviation branch of the Spanish Navy, it is a direct descendant of the Naval Aeronautics created in year 1917 with seaplanes and airships wich operated from Dédalo seaplane carrier since 1922. The Arma Aeréa de la Armada, is now based at Rota (LERT) near Cadiz. It has seven Escuadrilla (Squadron), and the most interesting one is the 9 Escuadrilla using the EAV-8B. According to this website (CLICK HERE FOR INFO) a possible air and sea demonstration will be held on the 15th and 16th of september this year. The 15th will be at the base and over it possibly, and will be open only for distinguished quests, but the next day, on the 16th, at the beach of Rota, a dynamic display will be held for the public.

Nothing specific at the moment, but jets and helicopters of the Arma Aeréa de la Armada is very possible. For example: EAV-8B, SH-3H, SH-60B, AB212. The article we found mentions that foreign participant is likely, since a US Marine unit is stationed at the nearby Morón Air Base, with Bell Boeing MV-22B Ospreys and Lockheed Martin KC-130J aerial refueling / cargo aircraft.

The article also mentions a possible sea presentation from the Armada Española (Spanish Navy).

UPDATE 2017.03.01

The event was announced on the Spanish Navy website as well:

Rough translation:

– Day 15 SEP: Military ceremony at the Naval Base of Rota with the presidency of a High Authority of the State and around 700 guests. The event will include an air parade and exhibition of static media.
– Day 16 SEP. Aerial demonstration in the beach of Rota in which will participate means of other marinas, armies and organisms. In the same will also participate ships from which the aircraft will take off.

Main photo credit to Jesus Peñas Suarez