Frisian Flag 2017, info and participation list:

Exercise Frisian Flag 2017 and exercise EART 2017 will start soon in the Netherlands, at Leeuwarden+Eindhove air base. Both excersises will start on the 27th of march and will last till the 4th of July. At the scramble forum, we found the arrival time of the following jets/planes:

Tu 21-03 a/d      Leeuwarden, NL 1x CN235M FAF 1145h-1245h
arr                          Leeuwarden, NL 12x F-15C/D USAF 1615h (6x) & 1645h (6x) LA ANG ‘JZ’ & FL ANG
We 22-03 a/d    Leeuwarden, NL 1x C-130H PortAF 1400h-1600h
Th 23-03 arr      Leeuwarden, NL + EF2000 GAF AM
arr                          Leeuwarden, NL 6x Tornado GR4 RAF 1300h & 1500h
arr                          Leeuwarden, NL 1x C295M PortAF 1430h
Fr 24-03 arr       Leeuwarden, NL 7x F-16 BAF
arr                          Leeuwarden, NL + EF2000 GAF
dep                         Leeuwarden, NL 1x C295M PortAF 1100h
arr                          Leeuwarden, NL 5x F-16 PortAF
Su 26-03 arr      Eindhoven, NL 1x A310-MRTT GAF
arr                          Eindhoven, NL 1x KC-767A ItAF

Participation list for Frisian Flag, Leeuwarden:

7x F-16 BAF
5x Mirage 2000D FAF
10x EF2000 GAF
5x F-16 PortAF
6x Tornado GR4 RAF
12x F-16 RNLAF
12x F-15C/D USAF Florida ANG & Louisiana ANG

Participation list for EART 2017, Eindhoven

1x C-135FR or KC-135 FAF
1x A310-MRTT GAF
1x KC-767A ItAF
1x C-130H RNLAF