Hellenic Air Force, 35+52, RF-4E

For the retirement ceremony of the RF-4E Phantom II in the Hellenic Air Force and the disbandment of the 348th Squadron “Eyes” (348 Μοίρα Μάτια), a Phantom will have a special livery for the 5th of May ceremony. Our friend first lieutenant George Athanasiadis, who will be doing the job at Larissa base, shared us two photos, the final painting is Top Secret of course untill the ceremony. The plane that was picked, flew in the German Air Force as 35+52 – 7499 as in the Hellenic Air Force – and still wore her German uniform when she was moved to Greece, in the early 90’s.

Photos made by George Athanasiadis at Larissa base:

The 35+52 was also used before, for the Aufklärungsgeschwader 52 disbandment in 1994. Photo: aviationgraphic.com