Photo from: The XX764 Restoration Page

Jaguar GR1 of Bentwaters Cold War Museum made afterburner runway run

One day ago at the 15th of March, the legendary Sepecat Jaguar GR1 of Bentwaters Cold War Museum carry out high-power taxi runs at Bentwaters to further prove the airframe’s capabilities for any future public events/photoshoots.

Watch a great video made by the team workin on an other Jaguar (XX764) 

I really can’t praise the team at Bentwaters Cold War Museum highly enough. To take a stripped and derelict airframe and restore it to be able to do this is truly inspirational work for the rest of the heritage aviation community. If I can get within 20% of what they have done I’ll be happy. And no, that’s not throttles to 20%..

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