Kecskemét Airshow 2018, questions and a possible answer?

Lieutenant General Zoltán Orosz, Deputy Chief of Defense of the Armed Forces gave an interview to a local hungarian aviation magazine this august, the Lieutenant General served at two different air bases during his years – Szentkirályszabadja and Szolnok – flying with the Mi–2, Mi–8, Mi–17, Mi–24 helicopters and the An–26, with 3000 hours all together. The journalist asked some questions considering the Air Force as well, including a possible airshow in 2018.

The below scan is from the magazine, here is a translation:

“In 2018 the Hungarian Defence Force will mark it’s 170th anniversary and the Air Force it’s 100th. Will there be an airshow in 2018?

The air base at Kecskemét for a joint military-civil operation will face infrastructure developments, in this context there will be huge constructions, so the base can handle civilian aircrafts, for a large-scale event like an airshow, there is not enough space available, the reality says maybe in 2020. 

It is worth mention that this is not an official cancelation from the Ministry of Defence, but reading this surelly comes the question in our mind.