Krila Oluje 2017 calendar plans

The Wings of Storm (Krila Oluje), the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence aerobatic display team, released their calendar, we highlighted the foreign participations:

2017 – confirmed (subject to change)
01/27/2017. ZL Split, Night of open doors Air Force
03/12/2017. Zadar, World Tour Douglas DC-3
03/22/2017. Zadar, the 25th anniversary of 93.zb
03/25/2017. Pula, Open Day at Pula Airport
04/26/2017. Split, ASDA 2017.
04/27/2017. Resnik, Presentation of the Program for the season 2017.
04/30/2017. Zadar “Zadar Outdoor Festival”
05/22/2017. Zadar, the 25th anniversary of the military operation “Jaguar”
06/17/2017. Osijek, Air Show
07/01/2017. St. Dizier, France
07/02/2017. St. Dizier, France
08/26/2017. SIAF, Slovakia
08/27/2017. SIAF, Slovakia