New French Display Team – The Couteau Delta

Last year, after the dissolution of Ramex Delta display team rumors are arosed about a new Frech Mirage 2000 tactical display team. There is growing evidence that we can see this new team in this upcoming season. The new tactical display team  from this season will be named Couteau Delta and fly with two Mirage 2000D aircraft from  2/3 Champagne BA133 Nancy-Ochey. The team gave us an answer on its new Facebook page that the news are true, the new display team will be seen in airshow season 2017!

The news will be official if we are going to get the official confirmation by the PO of French Air Force! If we will get further information about the new team and their plans for the season we will inform you on our news site!


*the featured photo of the article just illustration and showing the Ramex Delta display team flying with the similar N version of the Mirage 2000.