No Attack Helicopter Display Team in 2018

The British Army Air Corps Attack Helicopter Display Team confirmed that they wont be displaying in the 2018 season:

It’s with regret that we have to announce the fact that we won’t be displaying the Apache in the 2018 season. The commitments of the Attack Helicopter Force are too great to be able to support standing up a team for this year. Be rest assured that the decision wasn’t taken lightly and was considered at the highest level. We will retain our capability to display and aim to be back for the 2019 season. In the meantime, we wish all our fellow teams the best of luck for their seasons and thank you, as always, for your huge and continued support. AHDT

We did an interview in 2017 with Major Jim Trayhurn display crew for the 2017 Attack Helicopter Display Team’s (AHDT) 2017 season. CLICK HERE for the interview.

Main photo Peter Green