Patrulla Águila Aviojet crash in the sea at La Manga

A video has been surfaced thet a spanish CASA C-101 Aviojet crashed into the sea, this Monday (26th of august), at La Manga, Murcia. The first news said the pilot ejected safely, but some other spanish web pages said, the pilot is considerd missing and a search and resuce mission is on the way.

Some sources said in the first minutes that the plane belonged to the spanish demo team Patrulla Águila (Spanish for “Eagle Patrol”). This is not CONFIRMED AT THE MOMENT!

From another perspective:

The Spanish Air Force confirmed the accident:

Esta mañana a las 9:38 un avión C-101 tripulado por un instructor de la Academia General del Aire #AGA se ha precipitado sobre el #MarMenor frente a la localidad de #LaManga #Murcia
Actualmente se está procediendo a las tareas de rescate

This morning at 9:38 a C-101 plane manned by an instructor of the General Air Academy #AGA has rushed over the #MarMenor in front of the town of #LaManga #Murcia
Rescue work is currently under way

UPDATE: Today around 14:00 the Spanis Air Force confirmed the death of the pilot

A falta de confirmación de la autoridad forense respecto de los restos aparecidos, todo hace indicar que nuestro compañero el piloto instructor de la #AGA accidentado, ha fallecido

In the absence of confirmation from the forensic authority regarding the remains, everything indicates that our partner, the injured pilot instructor of the #AGA, has died