RAF Cosford Air Show Themes Announced

The RAF Cosford Air Show will commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day and host Fighter Meet 2020. Tickets are already on sale.

The theme of Fighter Meet 2020 will demonstrate the evolution of air defence aircraft over the last century. This will include commemorating the 80th anniversary of Battle of Britain – bringing to life the legendary story with emotive flying displays and interactive ground exhibitions – as well as looking to the future, showcasing the very best of today’s Air Supermacy.

The VE Day theme will focus on displaying historic aircraft from World War II, both in air and across the iconic Vintage Village on the showground, combining reenactment groups with a VE Day street party, a Vintage Fayre, classic vehicles and period entertainment.

Air Show Director, Mr Clive Elliott, said,

“We are excited to deliver another spectacular Air Show, full of rousing stories from the past and fascinating displays, inspiring the next generation.”



Source: britishairshows.com