Remembering Operation Market Garden.

Commemorating the 1944 event of the Second World War, it is now became tradition to make events like the following. First jump will happen this week, 14th of September at Houtdorperveld, Speuld between 10:00-14:00. The main event will be at the 17th of September, near Ginkelse Heide. The same place where the movie “A Bridge too far” was filmed as well.

Participating countries
Netherlands: 1x C130 Hercules
UK 1x C130 Hercules
USA 1x C130 Hercules
Belgium: 1x C130 Hercules
Canada 1x Boeing C17 Globemaster
Germany: 2x Transall C160
Poland: 1x CASA 295

Some roads will be closed during the operations and only by bike or foot the people can view the dropps!

Photo for illustration