Spanish Air Force Calendar 2018

The Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire) offical site published the Air Force’s calendar for the 2018 season. The Patrulla Águila, the Patrulla Aspa demo team and the Hornet and Typhoon solo will perform at the following locations:

ILA Berlin AirShow – Patrulla Águila
May: Jerez Moto GP – Patrulla Águila
June: AirExpo 2018, Muret – Eurofighter Typhoon (C.16)
June: Danish Air Show – Eurofighter Typhoon (C.16)
June: XIII Festival Internacional de Motril – Patrulla Aspa and Eurofighter Typhoon (C.16)
June: Festividad de San Pedro en Burgos – Patrulla Águila
RIAT – Patrulla Águila
July: Festival Aéreo de Gijón – Patrulla ASPA and F-18 Hornet (C.15)
July: Festival Aéreo Torre del Mar – Patrulla Águila and Eurofighter Typhoon (C.16)
July: Croatian International Airshow Varazdin 2018 – F-18 Hornet (C.15)
Radom International Airshow 2018 – Patrulla Águila
SIAF – F-18 Hornet (C.15)
Sanicole Airshow – F-18 Hornet (C.15)
NATO Days, Ostrava – Eurofighter Typhoon (C.16)
Athens Flying Week – F-18 Hornet (C.15)
October: Desfile de la Fiesta Nacional 2018 – Patrulla Águila
October: Festival Aéreo de Sainte-Maxime – Patrulla Aspa