Stork Meet 2017, France, Luxeuil

From the 19th of June to 22nd, the Luxeuil base will organize a four-day gathering of “stork” units from Europe. To give an international coloring to the rendezvous and to expand the COMAO (Combined Air Operations), the “Storks” also planned to invite some partner units. The primary objective of this Stork Meet is “to achieve high-level, cooperative and collaborative operational training while strengthening the ties that bind our partners”.

Planed participants:
+ F-16 BAF
+ Mirage 2000-5F FAF GC01.002
+ EF2000 GAF
+ Tornado GR4 RAF
+ F-18 SwissAF
+ F-16 USAF
+ Alpha Jet E FAF ETO02.008
+ Mirage 2000D FAF EC02.003
+ Mirage 2000N FAF EC02.004