We may see the Swiss Tigers for a few more years.

For some years the Swiss Air Force plans to purchase a new fighter jet for the ageing F-5 fleet. The Tigers are operational since the end of the 70’s, so they are getting close to their 40th “birthday”. In a few words, Sweden fought heavily so that the Swiss Government would buy the JAS Gripen. But on the 18 May 2014, 53.4% of Swiss voters voted against the plan in a national referendum buying the Gripen, and recently the Defence Minister postponed buying a new jet till 2020.


…choosing the new planes by 2020 and obtaining funding for the purchase by 2022. The jets should become operational between 2025 and 2030 under the defence minister’s plan. – swissinfo.ch

And ad thing to that matter.

The scope of the evaluation of new planes remains to be determined, with the possibility of limiting it to three jets (Gripen, Eurofighter and Rafale models) or just one of those three. – swissinfo.ch

As for the Patrouille Suisse acrobatic team still no word if they will change for a new jet or the team will be disbanded as some news suggested earlier.