First Airbus A321neo for Wizz Air

On the 7th of March, the Wizz Air low-cost airline received its first A321neo, which is a development of the A320 family of narrow-body airliners produced by Airbus. The twin-engine jet airliner has a 15% more fuel efficiency. The handover was done in Hamburg in the morning, and was deliverd to Budapest International Airport the same day, welcomed by the typical water salute surrounded by the media and VIP guests.

The airline’s CEO, József Váradi was on the plane during arrival, after the landing a short news conference was held in the old Terminal 1 building, where József Váradi confirmed that the company orderd more from the neo family and plans to use more in the 2019 year.

“Only this year, we have announced 71 new routes and there is no end of the year, we are actually at the beginning of the year. The company is expanding with about a thousand employees, opening a new base in Krakow and bringing 15 new aircraft to the fleet ”

The first plane is registerd HA-LVA

József Váradi further explained:

“I think we’re making a huge step with this machine, it’s a game change, as the English says, we think that another strategic position can be derived from such an aircraft type as before. In the recent weeks, recent days, the public has been in demand at Budapest to reduce the noise level of the airport, not a year passed, and we’ve already brought an airplane, with half of the noise emissions from the previous aircraft”

CEO, József Váradi:

The ladies of Wizz Air: