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    Dear Readers,

    Airshowinfo is one of the leader airshow sites in Europe. After 11 years of “service” we are asking for help .. from our Readers, from You! We are trying to provide more and more content about the largest airshow events from all over the World, in order to continue our work and to develop to a next level, we would like to ask for your help, to support our work. Our main goal to collect amount €400 to stay alive and to some kind of growing.

    This help would allow minimal developments and also covers the expenses for the upcoming year in a better way. Otherwise our website may close next February…

    What would it be used for?
    • – Maintenance and annual costs
    • – Develop our hosting to provide a faster website with more content
    • – Systems develops to the web site for more and even better quality content like:
      • -> new kind of professional schedules and event pages with more aviable information for more events
      • -> new photo gallery

    We would like to develop and continue our work, but first time in the website’s history, we need to ask help to do it.

    Thank you! –  Airshowinfo Team

    Supported Payment system: PayPal and Credit Card Payment via PaPal or send directly by PayPal account to: supportus[@]

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