Red Arrows Aircraft crashed at RAF Valley

BBC News confirmed that one aircraft of the RAF Red Arrows display team crashed today at RAF Valley. RAF Valley is a Royal Air Force station on the island of Anglesey, Wales, and which is also used as Anglesey Airport. It provides fast-jet training using the BAE Systems Hawk and provides training for aircrew working with search and rescue.

According to BBC, two pilots were on board, other sources say that the people on board ejected before the crash, no info at the moment of their condition. According to some rumours, aircraft Red3 involved in the accident.

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The location of the incident: RAF Valley, Anglesey Airport

UPDATE: 20.03.2018 – 20:20PM (CET)- Closer Picture

UPDATE: 20.03.2018 – 17:35PM (CET)- Closer Picture

Picture by Kerry Roberts

UPDATE: 20.03.2018 – 16:43PM (CET)- Eject Happened

Eyewitnesses described the moment a Red Arrows plane crashed at RAF Valley.

One said they saw the pilot of the plane eject moments before it hit the ground, followed by a huge smoke plume rising from the area around the base.


UPDATE: 20.03.2018 – 16:30PM (CET)- Air ambulance just leaves RAF Valley

source: Twitter

UPDATE: 20.03.2018 – 16:25PM (CET)

The Reds are currently training for the upcoming airshow season at the base in North Wales.

An eyewitness told to The Daily Post: “I was sat at Rhosneigr train station waiting for the train and you can see the air field from there and I was watching the Red Arrow flying because you hardly ever see them and then it looked like it was about to land then next thing I saw was the parachute and then the plane hit the runway and went up in flames.”

UPDATED: 20.03.2018 – 16:15PM (CET)

The Ministry of Defence confirmed it was a Hawk aircraft and an emergency ambulance crew was sent to the scene at about 13:30 GMT on Tuesday.

It is understood two people were on board the aircraft.

An RAF spokesman said: “We are aware of an incident today at RAF Valley involving a Hawk aircraft. We are investigating the incident and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

It is believed the aircraft was flying from RAF Valley back to RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire – where they are based – when it crashed.

Source: BBS News Article


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