Royal Jordanian Falcons – New Aircrafts and Livery from 2018

National aerobatic demonstration team of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Royal Jordanian Falcons had a upgrade regarding its fleet. The team got five brand new Extra 330LX  aerobatic monoplane instead of the Extra 300L, the team used since 2007 (originally the team used the Extra 300 since, 1992, but the Extra 300L, currently being replaced by the new ones, used since 2007 by the team).

New planes in new dress…

The Extra 330LX is an unlimited aerobatic aircraft designed for competition and aerobatic training. The design, flight characteristics, strength and versatility also make it the perfect platform for teaching Upset Recovery Training, Unusual Attitude Training, Spin Training, and of course, Aerobatics! It has a two-seat, tandem (front-back) cockpit configuration, designed to have the instructor pilot (pilot-in-command) in the aft cockpit. The aircraft is designed around a steel-construction truss fuselage with high-strength carbon fiber/composite construction wings, empennage and landing gear.The engine is a Lycoming AEIO-580, producing 315 HP at 2700 RPM. Cruise Speed and Maneuvering Speed are the same at 154 KTS, with a 219 KT Vne (never exceed). The Extra stalls wings level at 64 KTS. The Extra weighs 1,455 LBS empty, and has a 2,095 LBS maximum take-off and landing weight. It’s maximum fuel capacity of 49.4 gallons gives it an approximate operating range of 500 NM

The Extra 330s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons adjusts to the usual color scheme, but the livery is updated with a fresh, modern and more spectacular design.

Man and Machine. Photo: Royal Jordanian Falcons

Royal Jordanian Falcons founded and established back in 1976 at the behest of his Majesty the late King Hussein Bin Talal. The team started with 2 Pitts Special-S2A aircraft and later an additional aircraft was added to the team fleet to perform in a 3 ship formation.Since 1976, the team has performed in many countries throughout the world, such as Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Indonesia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Norway Austria, Luxemburg and Netherlands.

As it was mentoined, the team used two and subsequently three Pitts S-2A Specials before changing to Walter Extra EA300s in 1992. Later, in 2007, the team’s fleet was upgraded, the older Extra 300s were replaced by Extra 300Ls, and now these Extra 300Ls has been replaced with the new Extra 330LXs. The team always displays with four aircraft and has a fifth as a backup. The aircraft, however, are owned and maintained by Royal Jordanian Airlines, but all of the display pilots are from the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

Aqaba carnival 2018.- Photo: Royal Jordanian Falcons

The team debuted with the new aircraft during the Aqaba Carnival two weeks ago, and already confirmed to perform in the United Kingdom Yeovilton Air Day 2018 and rumoured to participate, including on Radom International Airshow in Poland on the last weekend of August. The full season schedule of the team will be announced soon.

Photo and infos: Royal Jordanian Falcons Official and Extra Flugzeugbau.

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