Airlifters, helicopters and jets – Tag der Bundeswehr 2018.

The 2018 edition of Tag der Bundeswehr, the major open doors event of the German armed forces, will take place on 9th June 2018. There are sixteen locations ready to welcome the visitors, some of them will be opened to the public for the very first time.

IDS -Tornado, Tag der Bundeswehr 2016, Neuburg a.D.

The locations are spread across the country, from Flensburg to Murnau and from Dresden to Bonn. As usual, there will be some air bases among them, and additional aviation-related places creating the opportunity to spend this day in a very interesting way.

IDS -Tornado, Tag der Bundeswehr 2017, Landsberg.

The main aviation event will be organized at Fliegerhorst Wunstorf, the air base in Lower-Saxony. The host will be the Lufttransportgeschwader 62 (LTG 62), the transport unit operating the heavy Airbus A400M airlifter. Fliegerhorst Wunstorf will be opened during the Tag der Bundeswehr for the first time and it looks that this location was chosen to highlight the proceeding generational change in Luftwaffe – one of the 2017 locations was Landsberg am Lech, the home of LTG 61, operating C-160 Transall transport airplanes. The open day was both farewell to Transall and to LTG 61, as the unit was disbanded at the end of 2017.

C-160 Transall, Tag der Bundeswehr 2017, Landsberg.

There will be also a spotter day organized in Wunstorf, the details will be announced in May. The air base in Wunstorf will be the main Luftwaffe-supported location of 2018 Tag der Bundeswehr, several Luftwaffe aircrafts and the international guests could be expected there. The organizers estimate the number of visitors in Wunstorf would reach 62,000 people.

Airbus A400M Atlas, Tag der Bundeswehr 2017, Landsberg.

Another interesting location is the Holzdorf air base, located in Saxony-Anhalt. This airfield is known as Fliegerhorst Holzdorf or Fliegerhorst Schönewalde and the main unit there is the Hubschraubergeschwader 64, the only wing of German Luftwaffe operating solely the helicopters: Sikorsky CH-53GA/GE/GS and Airbus Helicopters H145M. As an addition to the helicopters, the EF 2000 and Tornado jets, A400M and C-160 transport airplanes will be also displayed at Holzdorf. The organizers in the recently published press release are promising the spectacular day for all guests.

Sikorsky CH-53, Tag der Bundeswehr 2017, Landsberg.

Along with those two air bases the Luftwaffe will be also present at other locations – for example the visitors of the Werdenfelser Kaserne in Murnau could see H145M helicopters. The German Navy aviation component is also expected in Flensburg.

H145M Light Utility Helicopter Special Operations Forces , Tag der Bundeswehr 2017, Landsberg.

The previous editions of the Tag der Bundeswehr became the success story, in 2017 there were more than 270,000 visitors in total. The most visited was the Landsberg air base, with 51,000 guests.

Airbus A400M Atlas, Tag der Bundeswehr 2017, Landsberg.

The German armed forces open day is usually a great event with good organization, several interesting side events and the attractive programme. And it looks that the upcoming Tag der Bundeswehr edition would follow the steps of the earlier editions.

Not only the Luftwaffe airplanes could be seen at the Tag der Bundeswehr – usually several international guests are also participating in the open day event (USAF F-15, Tag der Bundeswehr 2016, Neuburg a.D.)