Belgian Air Force days 2021 Cancelled

The sanitary conditions had led us to develop a drive-in concept. 6,000 cars were to be parked on the base, in individual boxes, so that you could attend our air show in complete safety. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be the first ever ‘drive-in experience’ in Belgian aviation history, will not take place. It was not politically advisable to support the organisation of the BAFDAYS at a time when there was still uncertainty about the possibility of organising mass demonstrations this summer. Our project was innovative, solid and realistic in the current circumstances of the pandemic and could serve as a “demonstration” of the possibility to organise mass events “differently”. Postponing the organisation of the event is not an option. Indeed, the Florennes Air Base is now entering a period of major transformation in preparation for the arrival of the MQ-9 and F-35. Many infrastructure works will be launched this summer. This is hardly compatible with the organisation of an airshow. We hope to welcome you in the not too far future and in normal sanitary conditions!