Belgian Air Force – New A109 demo paint scheme

The Belgian Air Force published the photos and information below on their social media:

The Air Component of Defense presented the new painting of the demonstration helicopter of the A-109 display team. On Thursday, January 28, the helicopter rolled out of the painters’ shed at Beauvechain Air Force Base for the first time. The paint shop team shows its craftsmanship in a sublime way with this helicopter. The aircraft, an Agusta A109BAi, with tail number H46 and call sign “Razzle Blade”, has a new, contemporary painting. With this youthful, attractive and modern look, the Air Component wants to narrow the gap between the youth and Defense.
It has been a long tradition within the Belgian Air Force to have a “Helicopter Display Team” perform during the airshow season. During a demonstration flight, the crew will present its “airmenship” and the capabilities of the aircraft to the general public. The team members act as ambassadors for the Air Force and for our country at air shows at home and abroad. They are also an important link in recruitment for Defense.
The aircraft is flown by the pilots Commandant pilot Jo Jacobs and Commandant pilot Stijn Soenens, while a technical team ensures that the aircraft is optimally maintained. In addition to demonstration flying, the team is, during many national and international events, the first point of contact for young people, who, due to their interest in aviation and technology, see Defense as a possible employer.
If you want to see Jo and Stijn at work with their “Razzle Blade”, you can visit the Belgian Air Force Days in Florennes (26-27 / 06), Sanicole International Airshow in Hechtel (10-12 / 09) this year and the various activities in the context of 75 years of the Belgian Air Force. The result can be seen!

Photo and info: Belgian Air Force