Hungarian Gripen Display plans for 2018

The Communication Department of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence informed us about the plans of the Hungarian Air Force 1st Puma Squadron’s airshow-participation plans for the upcoming airshow event season.

According to the current plans, the Hungarian Gripens will participate at two different airshow events in Europe this season. The Ministry also informed us, that negotiating is still underway at the moment and things can change during the following days. For example, the official website of the NATO Days in Czech Republic confirmed the participation of the Hungarian Air Force with Gripen solo display earlier.

The current list of the confirmed events (until the end of May) where the Hungarian Air Force will perform solo display with the Jas-39 Gripen and also send the type to the static display:

ILA Berlin, Germany (27-28th of April)

Tiger Meet Airshow, Poznan, Poland (19-20 May)

* the list of the events will be updated after the Ministry of Defence send further informations. Updated: 10.03.2018

The Gripen solo display will be performed by Major László Szatmári and Captain András Gottschall as similarly to the previous year. The pilots, Major László Szamári and Captain András Gottschall were applied for the display pilot task by lieutenant-colonel Sándor Kálló, to take over the relay from the previous demonstration pilots, Szabolcs Varga and Viktor Lango. Their preparations for the 2017 season started in Sweden in February last year.

Major Szatmári – Photo lieutenant-colonel István Toperczer

Major Szatmári have a great routine as display pilot, he had been nominated to the display pilot of the MiG-29 Fulcrum during the Kecskemét Airshow in 2008. Captain András Gottschall was inauguratied as a lieutenant in Szolnok in the year 2006 and traveled to Canada to took part in the NFTC training programe.