New french Tactical Display demo for 2021

It seems a new demo team emerged for the 2021 year in France. The demo team is called Gusto, and will consist two Mirage 2000C from the Escadron de chasse 2/5 “Ile de France” unit, based at Orange, France.

The team already announced the pilots as well

GUSTO 1 (Blue): Patrol Leader, Flight Safety Officer, 2300 Flight Hours;
GUSTO 2 (Red): Patrol Leader, Tactical Expert, 1500 Flying Hours.

The team will perform only inside France on the following events

11 & 12 Septembre / Melun / Meeting de Melun
03 Octobre / Gap / Meeting de Gap
14 Octobre / BA115 Orange / Anniversaire des 80 ans de “Ile de France”