One spanish C-101 crashed, no survivor

Today (27th February) one C-101 aircraft of the General Air Academy (Spain) crashed into the sea, in the vicinity of La Manga. Commander Eduardo Garvalena Crespo the pilot, did not survived the accident, and died during the event.

A falta de finalizar las tareas de búsqueda, lamentamos informar que nuestro compañero, el comandante Eduardo Garvalena Crespo #Águila5 ha fallecido.
Nos unimos al dolor de sus familiares y amigos DEP ¡Vuela alto compañero!

Sadly this is the second accident of the Spanish Air Force (SAF) (Spanish: Ejército del Aire) with the C-101. The previous Aviojet crashed on the 29th of August 2019.  Eduardo Garvalena Crespo was a member of the Patrulla Águila demo team.