Radom Airshow possibly only in 2022

Due to the COVID pandemic, lots of airshows are canceld or re-organised, but the Radom Airshow might be happening only in 2022 and for another reason.

Wojciech Skurkiewicz, the Minister of Defence of Poland confirmed in a radio interview that the organisation is on the way for the 2021 airshow already, published by the echodnia.eu website.

The website asked the spokeperson of the ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise, Piotr Rudzki

“Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Polish Armed Forces, in particular with the 42nd Air Training Base, a different type of training was developed and introduced at the airport in Radom.

Military pilots fly on helicopters during the construction works at the port.

Both military and civil aircraft will be able to return to operations at the airport after the port has been formally approved for operation. “

The echodnia.eu also adds the following:

The runway itself is almost ready, but other works related to this investment will still be carried out.
A runway drainage system must be built, and a retention reservoir to collect excess water will most likely be built next to the runway.
Then other works will be carried out, and the latest tender for the design and installation of navigation lights on the runway and aprons will be awarded.
In addition, for the next two years, works will be carried out on the construction of new taxiways, aprons and de-icing airplanes, the terminal, the airport fire brigade and the air traffic control tower, the administration building and facilities for the Border Guard and customs officers, as well as the construction of external and internal access roads .
According to the adopted schedule, on June 28, 2022, the runway will be ready for civil use.