The history of Czechoslovak aviation at 28th Aviation Fair in Pardubice.

The year 2018 is another one that would feature several European centennials, many of them would also affect the airshows planned for this season, especially the shows that are focused on warbirds and historical aircrafts.

The 28th edition of the Aviation Fair (Aviatická pouť) in Pardubice will be among them, as this year the 100th anniversary from the declaration of the independent Czechoslovakia is commemorating. On this opportunity, the programme of this airshow will indicate the history of the Czechoslovak aviation.

Avia B.H.1 is the first officially announced airplane of the 28th Aviation Fair – the airplane, produced in 1920, was the first Czechoslovak low-wing monoplane of wooden construction, designed by Pavel Beneš and Miroslav Hajn. This aircraft was exhibited at the inaugural International Aviation Exhibition in Prague and the reception was so enthusiastic that Tomáš Masaryk, the president of Czechoslovakia, donated CZK 100,000 from his personal support fund for further development of Avia aircrafts.

The aircraft that will be displayed during the Aviation Fair is the airworthy replica, built between 1997 and 2001 by Marcel Sezemský, and powered by Walter Mikron engine.

The 28th edition of the Aviation Fair will take place on 2nd and 3rd June 2018, at the Pardubice airfield.