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Confirmed Participants of Luchtmachtdagen 2019
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Participant List Updated: 08.06.2019

Useful Informations
Accessibility and Parking

Find out how to get to the Airshow

You can transfer to a shuttle bus after you arrive with public transport. Shuttle buses run from Oss Train Station and Uden Bus Station to Volkel Air Base. For these buses you must have a valid ticket, such as an OV chip card or NS ticket (combination deal).

Everybody navigated from all directions to the parking areas of the Air Force Days.Temporary parking areas are available around Volkel Air Base on 14 and 15 June where you can park your vehicle. To use this, follow the special traffic signs and instructions from the staff. You can enter the event area via the Witte Geit gate and the Old German Gate. You can check it on the map at the right.

You must purchase a parking ticket in the parking lot. The costs for parking your car depend on the parking space.

For P1 on Hemelrijkstraat you pay € 8.
For P2 on Rechtestraat you pay € 10.
For P3 on Rogstraat you pay € 10.
For P4 on Rode Eiklaan you pay € 10.
For P5 (Saturday only) on the You will pay € 5 for reclamation road .

From the various parking areas you follow the indicated walking route to the airbase. The duration from the cheapest parking space is approximately 30 minutes. It is approximately 5 to 10 minutes from the parking spaces closer to the airbase.

To ensure that you remember where your car is parked at the end of the day, the various parking areas are divided into colors. The color is stated on your parking ticket. So save your parking ticket well!

Motorcyclists can park their motorbike in the parking lot on the soccer field in Odiliapeel. This parking space is also indicated with signs. There are containers on this parking space where you can store your motorcycle clothing. This is at your own risk. Parking of motorbikes costs € 5 including storage of motorcycle clothing.

The following roads are closed around the Air Force Days:

Tuesday 4 June up to and including Monday morning 17 June
parking places along N264;
Tuesday 11 June up to and including Monday morning 17 June
one-way street on Rouwstraat between Oudedijk and Zeelandsedijk.
Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.
N264 from the Industrielaan roundabout to the N277 roundabout;
Zeelandsedijk from the N264 roundabout to the Rouwstraat roundabout;
Mourning street between Oudedijk and Zeelandsedijk;
Oudedijk from the N264 roundabout to Koolmeesstraat;
Zeelandsedijk from the N264 roundabout to Patersweg;
Kromstraat between Zeelandsedijk and Erfstraat;
Patersweg from Vluchtoordweg to Boekelsedijk;
The Bunders from Zeelandsedijk;
Houtvennen from De Bunders to Zeelandsedijk;
Houtvennen 3 from Millsebaan;
Houtvennen from Zeelandsedijk to Trentsedijk;
Trentsedijk from Spoorweg;
Voorpeel from N277.


Check different event related maps

click to the map to watch it in higher resolution, or download it: download map

What should I bring with me?

Things allowed to take with you


There are no any ATM at the airport, so you need to pay by cash for parking, food or souvenirs.

Prepare for Rain

You can bring umbrella, raincoat, poncho due to the changeable weather.

Prepare for Sun

Bring sunglasses and sun block. Check the sun position in this link for Volkel Air Base: SUNCALC

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Photo / Video

You are free to take photograph and make film.

Prepare for Noise

If you have little children its worth to take earplugs or noise filter headsets to the event because of the jet noise.


What you can’t do and things now allowed to take with you


You can only smoke in selected locations for smoking!


You can not bring gun or object that looks like a gun. Every bag will be checked at the entrance!


You can’t bring glass objects (like glassy soft drinks) in.

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For safety reasons its not allowed to bring any pet to the event!


All spotting spots outside the airbase are closed during the Air Force Days. Further information will follow.

Weather Forecast

Actual weather forecast for the airshow location.

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Gallery – from the past years

Selection from the past years by Airshowinfo Spotter Team

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