First Airbus H145M Helicopters Delivered to Hungarian Air Force

The first four Airbus H145M military helicopters of the Hungarian Air Force were delivered today at Szolnok Air Base with the participation of the Hungarian State Secretary of Defense, István Szabó, the Vice President Central & Eastern Europe of the Airbus Group, Jens Siebrecht and the leader of the H145 program, Axel Humpert.

Axel Humpert handing a scale-model of a H145M to the Hungarian State Secretary of Defense, István Szabó

There are sixteen more H145M helicopters to be delivered until July 2021, forming a fleet of 20 of the type under the control of the Hungarian Air Force. The acquisition was part of the ‘Zrínyi 2026 Military Developement Program,’ which has the purpose to modernize and develope all segments of the military. The helicopter capability upgrade of the program is not over yet – the second phase focuses on the acquisition of sixteen mid size, multi-purpose helicopters.

The soviet-russian helicopters currently in service are soon reaching the end of their operation time, and also the lack of airworthy helicopters and equipment makes it impossible to fulfil domestic and international tasks, so ordering the H145M at this time is a reasonable decision.

The contract signed last June also includes services by Airbus Helicopters; providing parts packages and ground service elements, 5 years of logistic support to guarantee high level of operation, providing technical documentations and the type-rating of the aircrew and technical personnel. After signing the contract, there were numerous preparatory conferences, where presentations and technical demonstrations by the representatives of Airbus helped the future operators to understand certain functions of the system and to make decisions.

The helicopters are basically similar, but according to the ordered equipment there will be 10 Light Utility Helicopter, 5 Search and Rescue and 5 Multi Purpose variants. The main roles of the H145M will include passanger transport, CASEVAC/MEDEVAC, search and rescue, exploring (C4ISR) and border control duties both day and night. They have been ordered with the highest level of the weapon capability called ‘HForce,’ that meets the requirements of the 21st century regarding efficiency and accurancy.

Our photo gallery of the event:

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