Pilot George Rotaru – Leader of the Hawks of Romania

Tell us a little history of the Hawks of Romania.

Hawks of Romania was founded in the early 2000s by the Romanian Airclub pilots that were part of the National Aerobatic Team. They were flying with the Extra 300L aircraft, acquired since 1999 in 6 units. In 2006, I reactivated the formation in a new formula: George Rotaru leader, Dobre Mihai Tone left wing and Catalin Prunariu right wing. In the following years, we added other pilots so that the formations consists in 5 aircrafts.

What type of plane the team fly

Hawks of Romania is made up of the pilots of the National Aerobatic Team of Romania and uses the 5 Extra 300L and 2 Extra 330SC for aeronautical competitions and for the national Hawks of Romania demonstration team.

How many people are in the team?

Currently, the team is formed by 6 pilots and 5 techniques, which are also supported by less experienced pilots in number of 5 .

If needed, how do you choose a pilot for the team?

First of all, the pilot must have very good flight and aerobatic experience. Each new pilot flies the first time in double with an instructor until he is trained to execute in formation the full range of aerobatic figures.

Where do you train for the season?

In 2018 we train at Strejnic Airfield, near Ploiesti, because here we will be organizing in August the first World Advanced Aerobatic Championship.

Do you have any airshows already planed for the 2018 season?

Yes we have, many, currently in Romania, in Bucharest, Ploiesti, Iasi, Suceava, Timisoara, Constanta.

Who decides where does the team fly, at which airshows?

As a rule, the decision belongs to me, considering that I am responsible for the resources and activity of the Romanian Airclub as general manager, but always,I consult with the team.

The team performed in Hungary last year at the Szeged Airhsow, was it the first performance in Hungary? And what was the reaction from the public?

Hawks of Romania also evolved in Hungary at Miskolc, Szatymaz, Kecskemet but participation in Szeged was very pleasant for us, we enjoyed the special organization of the event and the evolutions of the other participants.

Are you planning to come back this year to Hungary?

Surely, but firstly we are waiting for the calendar of events.

Any change in your program, or it will be the same from 2017?

The program will be different, some new figures and another succession of the current figures will be included.

Do you have any best moment during your Hawks of Romania pilot career?

There were many specials moments, but the most beautiful and interesting were the evolutions in South Korea in 2007 and in China in 2017. These trips involved a lot of work for mounting and dismantling the aircrafts as they were transported in containers. Being an united team there were many special situations and we had a very large audience in that locations.

Does the team have any webpage?

Currently it has the Facebook page Hawks of Romania. The Romanian Airclub site will be replaced in about 2 months with another more accessible and it will have a detailed section about Hawks of Romania.

If you could choose any airshow to perform with the team, which one would it be?

If I could choose any airshow to perform with the team, I would choose the Airshows from France (Le Bourget) or from England(Farnborough).

Any demo team from Europe you like?

Having no classical aerobatic formations in Europe, I really appreciate the Frecce Tricolori, Red Arrows and Patrouille de France. From Frecce we got the idea with the 5th aircraft, the solist, as the standard 4 team climbs and prepares the evolution, the number 5 is doing spectacular solo evolutions.

Thank you very much, any final words to our readers?

Thank you for the opportunity to talk about the Romanian Airclub and about the aerobatic team of the institution and hope to see us again in Hungary as soon as possible.