Interview – Couteau Delta Tactical Display

2017 will be the first display year for the Couteau Delta Tactical Display. Are you excited to show your skills for the public?

Of course we are! We are training hard, working on many projects (teaser-videos-goodies-…) and now we really want to show the results of our efforts.

Tell us about the jet you are flying.

Dassault Mirage 2000D is a 90’s aircraft – single engine – 2 seat equipped and experienced bomber. Capable of many things (TFR, ground attack, recce…) we are using it for tactical display. It’s shape is very particulary and distinctive: the Delta !COPYRIGHT © Armée de l’air

Ramex Delta was very famous in the spotters community, in some way you carry on this „mission”. Do you feel that?

Yes we know that people were in love of Ramex Delta and we can easily fell the pressure of the air fan community expectations. This is a bit scarying for us but we really want to give the same sensations than them, and maybe more…

When and how was it decided that Couteau Delta will be born, and how did you became part of it?

At the end of 2016 our Air Force Chief decided the birth of a flight of two Mirage 2000D at Nancy. Regarding us, we had the confirmation of our participation at the beginning of january.COPYRIGHT © Armée de l’air

How many people are there in the Couteau Delta, including the ground crew?

We are two crews – one pilote and one Weapon System Officer (WSO) – one Flight Safety Responsible, one WSO spare and 7 dedicated ground crew.

How the flying program was formed? Was it a team work?

Due to the fact that this is a new mission for us and that we had compressed time, we have the same program than Ramex Delta with little modificatiosCOPYRIGHT © Armée de l’air

Who decides where the Couteau Delta will fly?

Our airshow participation is defined by the „manifestation aérienne” office of the CDAOA in harmony with the BAAC which is our commander wing.

What was the reaction from the public when it became official that the Couteau Delta is a new display team?

Obviously and regarding to the social networks it is well received but we will see after the firsts dates.COPYRIGHT © Armée de l’air

Any info you can share us for the 2017 season? Airshows, program?

For sure we will be at the two official Air meetings (Bordeaux and Saint Dizier Airshows) and let me tell you that we will have some dates out of France…

On a few photos I saw that the Couteau Delta flew with the dessert camo Mirage. Will that jet be a part of the program?

We should have the „Camo” aircraft as often as possible but that will depend on the global disponibility. None aircraft is dedicated to the display team.COPYRIGHT © Armée de l’air

When not flying as the Couteau Delta, what do you do? How does a week look like for you?

For the moment we have a lot of things to deal with. When we are not flying, we spend many time in front of our computers to answer or to prepare the meetings. Out of the preparation we will be used in our squadrons as every pilot or WSO.

Any non-french demo team you like?

We like especialy the Belgian F16, their display is wonderfull and they have a very good spirit.

Are there any preliminary plans / hopes by the team?

We just hope to be as appreciated as the Ramex Delta, and of course as beautifull as them in the air.COPYRIGHT © Armée de l’air

Will fans be able to buy any souvenirs at airshows? Any plans?

Of course, we will have a stall with many souvenirs, hope they will enjoy you!

Thank you very much! Any final words to our readers?

Thank you to follow us, don’t hesitate to like and to share us on social networks, we hope to see you on the meetings in and out of France! See Ya – Delta’s