Campia Turzii – MiG-21 monument

One MiG-21 at the entrance of the city Campia Turzii, was inaugurated in 2011 on the occasion of the Air Force Day. The LanceR numberd 807 was shut down in 2001, the Aviator Heroes Monument – Monumentul Eroilor Aviatori – was erected to honor the memory of the six aviators of the unit who lost their lives on missions since 1991. It is a monument dedicated to the Squadron.

At that time, the monument was sanctified by a group of priests and the event was attended by the then commander of the Baza 71 Aeriană, Laurian Anastasof, the mayor of Campia Turzii, Ioan Vasinca and Romanian and American pilots.

The names and the dates of the pilots who were lost:

The monument can be seen from the road as well, not hard to miss, there is a car park nearby, so people can walk there easily:

GPS location of the monument: 46.527440, 23.902231