Featured Image: MrYak52 YouTube

Fatal accident at Płock Airshow

Płock – Poland, 15th of June 2019 – during the local Płocki Piknik Lotniczy, a Yakovlev Yak-52 crashed into River Vistula, demanding the pilot’s life. According to the first informations, the pilots  lost control of the aircraft around 10:30 (Central European Time), which caused the tragedy, but the precise conditions are not yet known. The cause of the crash is so far unknown. The State Commission on Aircraft Accidents and prosecutors are investigating the accident.

The Yak-52 piloted by an experienced German, former Lufthansa pilot, Ralf “Buri” Buresch who had more than 800 flight hours and made aerobatics since 2008. Ralf flown the “Red-135” Yak-52 (SP-YDD) yesterday what was made in 1984

The crash in video

Aviation24.be announced: Firemen located the area where the aircraft fell into the Vistula River, between 3 to 10 meters from the shore, on the left side of the Vistula at the height of the granary. At this moment, the rescue operation continues, firefighters focus on reaching the plane and help the pilot who is inside the aircraft.” said Captain Edward Mysera from the Płock fire brigade to TVN24.

Around 13:00, they were able to reach the Yakovlev, but the pilot already passed away.


Rest in Peace Ralf