Large Italian participation confirmed at SIAF 2021

It is confirmed: the unique and always spectator-attractive acrobatic group Frecce Tricolori from Italy will also fly in to SIAF 2021. And there will be many more treats from Italy!

The national air forces that have confirmed their participation at SIAF 2021 include the Italian Air Force, led by their legendary acrobatic group Frecce Tricolori. Thanks to Italy, this year will be characterized by several primacies. One of them is that in September the Italians will fly to us with the largest number of technical equipment in all SIAF years. In addition to the Frecce Triclori, the Italian Air Force will bring a C-27J Spartan transport aircraft, a Eurofighter F-2000 Typhoon fighter and a T346 fighter.

“This is a great honor for us. We especially appreciate their large participating team because this year of the SIAF is also the jubilee 10th anniversary for us. It will be really pompous and unique”, says happily the SIAF director Hubert Štoksa, who is also delighted by the fact that during the air fest, the Frecce Tricolori group will also celebrate with us its 60th anniversary of being active in the clouds.

As for the magnificent Italian dynamic demonstrations, connoisseurs will really get their money’s worth here. In the premiere, the Eurofighter F-2000 Typhoon will appear in the SIAF sky, and a demonstration of the C-27J Spartan military transport aircraft with their legendary project will also be repeated. That’s worth seeing, isn’t it?!