Patrulla Águila suspended by the Spanish Air Force

The Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire) decided to suspend the popular national display team Patruilla Águila, after the three accidents that have occurred within six months at the General Air Academy, in San Javier (Murcia) with the same type, the CASA C-101 also used by the team.

According to defence sources, the decision will not affect the air parades when the team performs by painting the flag of Spain in the sky, which will be held on May 30 in Huesca on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day, but all the airshow participations both in Spain and across Europe will be canceld.

The death of Commander Eduardo Garvalena – for reasons not yet clarified – has left Patrulla Águila without one of its key figure: the Solo Pilot, who performs the most risky manouvers and takes the plane to the limit. This is a very important and delicate position in the team. Garvalena’s predecessor was Commander Francisco Marín, who also died last year in August, which has left the Patrulla Águila with no chance or time to seek any substitute for the position, in this airshow season.

One spanish C-101 crashed, no survivor


The possibility of suspending the team at airshows affects this season, which runs from May to October. We are hoping that the Air Force will find solution to this problem and we can see the Patrulla Águila on the European Airshows in 2021!