World Economic Forum moves to Singapore

The annual meeting for political and business leaders is officially moved to Asia for the next year. Why such news here? The big airports at the time (mostly Zurich) of the meeting has many foreign private jets and official government transport planes during the forum, an event gathering aviation enthusiasts together.

The forum says it’s making the change to safeguard health and safety.

“In light of the current situation with regards to Covid-19 cases, it was decided that Singapore was best placed to hold the meeting,” it said.

Singapore has largely been seen as managing the crisis successfully.

Its health ministry says there are currently 28 people being treated in hospital for the coronavirus, but none are in intensive care, and there are no cases in the community. Singapore’s death toll for Covid-19 stands at 29.

But the country remains under “phase two” restrictions, which means gatherings are capped at five people and working from home is still the default for most companies.

The in-person World Economic Forum annual meeting is planned to take place in Singapore from 13-16 May. Source: BBC

Main photo: Marina Lystseva\TASS via Getty Images