6th Sanicole Sunset Airshow and 39th Sanicole International Airshow – the highlights.

The 6th edition of Sanicole Sunset Airshow took place on Friday, 9th September 2016. Being one of the few European sunset (or night) airshows – and in my personal opinion, the best one – Sanicole Sunset show offers an unique experience to follow the flying display on the early evening sky that is slowly turning into the complete darkness.




This year the sky over the Sanicole airfield was clear, without a single cloud and with the moon in the background. All this, together with the amazing warm light from the sun coming down, created the magic experience of the sunset show.





One of the most interesting aircrafts was certainly the B-1B Lancer bomber, which performed a few passes over the airfield. There was also a spectacular formation display performed by Spitfire IX (the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight) and Belgian F-16. The special formations, created just for the airshow, are a trademark of Sanicole airshow and this was exactly one of them.



The 39th Sanicole International Airshow followed on Sunday, 11th September. Unfortunately the weather wasn´t so perfect as it was on Friday. The low, grey clouds have covered the sky over the airfield and stayed there during the entire airshow. There were just few moments with some sun and the blue sky, most of them at the end of the show, when the weather was getting better.



Around 35,000 visitors were not afraid of the cloudy weather and arrived to Sanicole airfield to see the amazing flying displays. The list of the participating aircrafts was impressive again – from gyrocopter through the gliders, aerobatic specials, biplanes, warbirds or civilian aircrafts to the modern military aircrafts – the list that made the show interesting from the very first display to the final one.




The full detailed report from both Sanicole Sunset and Sanicole International airshows would available soon, here on Airshowinfo pages, certainly.